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The World of Community Management

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Here at Digital Gurus HQ we have seen a massive increase in the amount of companies and agencies recruiting for Community Managers and teams of Community Managers. With a pool of talented candidates out there, how can you stand out from the crowd and be a top class Community Manager?

Many social media account handling roles encompass aspects of community management but it is becoming more frequent for community management to become its own separate entity.

We came across an interesting post about the 5 things a good Community Manager should do, which stated they should:

1) Sets Up and Manage Profiles

Nothing makes your company look like it doesn’t care like half-filled in, out of date employee and company pages on LinkedIn or Facebook.

2) Listen to the Buzz

A good community manager should listen to the buzz already online – finding out what groups your target audience is joining on LinkedIn, for example, and who they’re following on Twitter.

3) Grow the Network

A good community manager should grow your networks by engaging every day online (via forums and owned communities) and offline (via events, conferences, and meet-ups).

4) Distribute Content

A good community manager should promote the client’s blog and website content.

5) Join the Conversation

This involves replying to online questions and comments immediately, giving your brand a face, and creating a relationship with prospects.

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Having previously managed online communities for global brands, there are times when you need to grow a thick skin because as much as you want to support the community, instances arise when you have to deliver bad news or even deliver good news that is bad for some community members, such as a delayed movie release or a game being released on a new platform.

When managing communities you don’t want to become an ever-present pesky voice in the community; eventually, you will just be ignored. You need to be able to recognise when to step in and when to let community members figure it out for themselves.

In essence, your job is to keep conversations on topic and make sure people aren’t attacking each other. If either of those things happen and community members are stepping in to shut it down and diffuse the situation, then let the conversation run its natural course and don’t step in unless you think you have to.

It’s also important to consider rules. Even if you feel as though no one ever reads them, you should have your guidelines posted somewhere on an FAQ page or forum post. That way, you can always refer someone to the guidelines whenever the need arises

Want to know more tips from Community Managers? Check out THIS helpful article. A top tip from the article is: “In social media, ‘social’ comes before ‘media.’ It’s about people and connectivity. Brands have the opportunity to connect with real people in a transparent, personable and approachable way. Brands need to earn and maintain the trust of their online communities, and since people trust their peers, be sure to build long-lasting relationships”

By Social Media & PR Recruitment Specialist Kelly McGrath

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